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It's Relatable

With the approaching new year, many of you might be procrastinating your work to start from Jan 1, 2019?? It's relatable. 
I had decided that I was going to continue my blogging journey and was going to publish a blog post on Jan 1, 2019, but why wait until then? Thinking, it made no sense. Its going to be the same normal day only with a difference that there was going to be a little burst of motivation that I had piled up. That sudden burst of energy would have made me work for a few days, but surely it would have subsided away. So, contrary to this, I am planning to post a little early and continue for a longer time.
The reason I started blogging was to improve my amateur writing skills. Google told me that the best way to improve writing is by writing and from then, although irregularly, I continued blogging for quite a long time. Some blog posts were received with appreciation while some were awful, but each time that I finished writing an article, it gave me a sense of accom…

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